SPONSORED: KJV Bible anniversary celebrated in BYUtv’s docudrama 'Fires of Faith'

The compilation, translation, and publication of the Bible is an endless source of interest to religious believers and scholars the world over. In particular, the King James Version, completed 400 years ago, holds special interest to many because of its enduring use and profound influence on centuries of literature.

The King James Bible is the work of seven years, 54 scholars, and perhaps one of the greatest committee efforts in history. After it was finished, it quickly became the standard version of scripture, gave rise to one of the world’s greatest languages, and changed the way that much of the world was governed.

Though the King James Bible is increasingly thought of as a religious relic rather than the revolutionary text it is, BYUtv is proud to celebrate its momentous 400th anniversary and remember those who gave their lives so that the book might live. Fires of Faith: William Tyndale and the King James Bible is a three-part docudrama produced by award-winning filmmaker Lee Groberg.

Filmed in eight different countries, this documentary tracks the history of the King James Bible at the exact sites where it was translated, drafted, printed, and disseminated and brings history to life through over 130 reenactments, myriad archival images, and engaging narration. The King James Bible’s contribution to literature, music, government, and more is revealed through the insights of a dozen biblical scholars from around the world.

Groberg has a 20-year career making documentaries for public television. Fires of Faith will join an already impressive list of films that not only are incredibly well written and beautifully captured on camera, but also help others see the good in history and the good in other people.

This month, tune in to BYUtv to show your appreciation for the most widely used book ever written and as well as those who sacrificed everything to serve God and make His word available to all. Fires of Faith premieres Sunday, Oct. 16, at 6pm MT; episode one will re-air on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 9 p.m. and Wed., Oct. 19 at 7 and 10 p.m. Episode 2 airs Sunday, Oct. 23, at 6pm MT & 9pm MT and Wednesday, Oct. 26, at 7pm MT & 10pm MT, and episode 3 airs Sunday, Oct. 30, at 6pm MT & 9pm MT and Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 7pm MT & 10pm MT.
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