SPONSORED: LDS Doctor Fortifies 3-Hour Breath Mint with Ginger to Help with His Pregnant Patients’ Morning Sickness

by | Apr. 30, 2014

"GingerMint" Becomes Popular ForeverMints' Flavor Choice

(Pasadena, CA) Dr. Greggory DeVore is a world-renown Yale-educated fetal-material physician who has treated tens of thousands of women with high-risk pregnancies.

As an innovator in developing advanced diagnostic technologies and treatment protocols for at-risk fetuses and mothers, he has drawn upon his LDS understanding of the sanctity of life for his inspiration and motivation. (Click here read about recent Dr. DeVore award.)

A consummate problem-solver, Dr. DeVore throughout the years has had great sympathy and empathy for expecting mothers who suffer from dreaded morning sickness.

As one of the inventors of the tiny new long-lasting, slow-dissolve  breath mint (ForeverMints)—a dot-sized 3 hour time-release breath mint that has captured the imagination of thousands of LDS members who have been looking for a solution for Fast Sunday, temple worker and missionary bad breath—he wondered if he could use the mint’s unique oral delivery system to help calm the pernicious nausea associated with morning sickness that afflicts about 8 out of 10 of pregnant women.

Dr. DeVore always knew that peppermint and ginger (the root of the Zingiber officinale plant) has always been an effective all natural treatment for morning sickness. He also knew that the drawback of peppermint and ginger was that their anti-nausea effect was short lived.

He thought the ideal solution would be to deliver natural ginger flavor to the body continuously for three hours at a time by fortifying his slow- dissolve breath mint (ForverMints) with all natural ginger flavor. He hoped this would provide continuous and long-term relief of morning sickness.

Not surprisingly, his formulation worked for most of his patients. Here’s what two patients reported to Dr. DeVore:

“Dr. DeVore;

I have to say that I have tried so many different things over 5 pregnancies and your ForeverMints have helped more than anything else! They definitely take the edge off and have lessened the vomiting.” Shannon, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. DeVore:

I wish these ginger mints had been available during my first and second pregnancies!  After trying every remedy in the book, ginger mints are what finally calmed my nausea during that rough first trimester of pregnancy.

“As soon as I tucked the mint along my gumline, the nausea dissipated - I felt like myself again and found it easier to make it through the day with my two boys.

“The flavor is just right. Not too spicy and not too sweet as most ginger mints/candies tend to be. Just perfect! Thank you for making such a great product. This will be a gift that I will continue to give to my pregnant friends.”  Kierstan, Valencia, CA.

What was surprising, when his patients shared the mints with family and friends, their family members and friends loved the refreshing taste and the 3-hour duration of the mints so much that they wanted more for their own oral hygiene and fresh breath.

So, the demand was there and ForeverMints fortified with ginger was born.

Since ForeverMints’ ginger fortified mints were introduced a few weeks ago they are already generating a lot of excitement by major companies in countries like Japan, China, and Korea where ginger has been revered for over 2000 years as a powerful herbal medicine for all kinds of health maladies.

Chinese doctors commonly prescribe ginger to treat symptoms of colds and flu. Ginger acts as an antihistamine and decongestant, two cold-easing effects that can help with symptoms.

Science is now only beginning to confirm the multiple health benefits of ginger claimed by the ancients including its ability not only to help with morning sickness but to reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, ease muscle pain, reduce inflammation and arthritis pain, help with painful menstruation and migraine headaches, aid in digestion (indigestion) and weight loss.

Dr. DeVore says he can’t vouch for all of the historical ginger health claims and new research showing the promise of ginger for treating certain ailments and optimizing health.

But he can say with certainty that the addition of ginger to his long-lasting ForeverMints breath mint has definitely helped his morning sickness patients and freshened the breath for hours of their families and friends with whom they’ve shared the mints.

To learn more about ForeverMints, in general, click here.

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