SPONSORED: LDS Woman Starts Modest Fashion Trend

by | Dec. 02, 2013

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FancySlips is a family business inspired by necessity. Each design is named after special women in Patricia’s life: her daughters, her mother, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and other women who inspire her. Patricia began sewing in her 7th grade home economics class. She learned that she enjoyed sewing at a young age. As she began to sew bigger projects, bridesmaid dresses and special dresses for events and dances, her love for sewing grew and she quickly realized the financial benefits as well. 

After meeting her sweetheart, David, Patricia decided to hone her sewing skills once again by designing as well as creating her own wedding dress. A new love was born! She loved designing her creations as much as she loved to sew them!    

Patricia was able to sew her first FancySlip when her 5-year-old daughter, Maegan, was asked to be a flower girl. When that same little girl became 16, she needed a “Homecoming” dress. Patricia and Maegan looked for just the right dress, but did not find one. That is when FancySlips was inspired! Friends of Maegan’s came to Patricia for her help in making their special event dresses more modest. One grew to one hundred… and the rest is history. 

FancySlips are a stylish and unique way to extend your skirt, dress, or long shirt. The whole idea behind FancySlips is to inspire women to feel beautiful and stylish. 

There are multiple uses with a FancySlip. They are great for work, weddings, church, going out on the town, holidays, special school dances, or any special occasion. FancySlips are a wonderful peekaboo as well that help you with slits and sheer materials, which creates a little coverage, flirt, and flare to your outfit.

FancySlips was made with you in mind. Inspiration is at the heart of this company.

*This article is sponsored by FancySlips.

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