SPONSORED: Missing Postum? Dandy Blend is here, and may quiet acid reflux, asthma

by | Mar. 26, 2012

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Dandy Blend, an alternative to the no-longer available Postum drink, is a Word of Wisdom friendly drink that has shown promising effects for those with chronic illness.

According to Dr. John Heinerman, world renowned medical anthropolgist who directs the Medical Research Center of Salt Lake City, “Informal trials we’ve done with Dandy Blend indicate that it can be effective in reducing pain and symptoms of angina, acid reflux, gallstone suffering, asthma congestion, allergy problems and arthritis. That it is entirely caffeine free makes it very appealing to Latter-day Saints.”

In addition Dandy Blend has a rich, smooth flavor and texture, and none of the bitter aftertaste found in other beverages. It is less costly than its competitors on a per cup basis. In addition, because of the way it is made, it contains no gluten. It is made only from the water extracts of the roasted grains of barley and rye and the roasted roots of dandelion, chicory and beets, all highly respected for their health-promoting properties. (While strong drinks of grains like beer are prohibited by the Word of Wisdom, it also says that grains may be used for mild drinks - another draw for Latter-day Saints.) Nothing else is added–no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, or anything.

The secret to the goodness of Dandy Blend is the dandelion, a major herb in Europe and Asia for toning the liver, purifying the blood and gastro-intestinal regulation for centuries. It is the only instant coffee or Postum alternative in the United States with dandelion in it, and is the easiest way to get dandelion into your diet.

Samples are free. Visit dandyblend.com or call 800-697-4858 for more information and to order.

Dandy Blend is also readily available at Dave’s Health and Nutrition in Salt Lake City and West Jordan and other fine health food stores in the Salt Lake Valley. Donna Crockett, Master herbalist and Assistant Manager of the West Jordan store, says “we really love it here. It is selling well and our customers are telling their friends about it. Sales have been doubling every month in both West Jordan and Salt Lake as the word gets around.”

The Dandy Blend formula originated as a healing beverage in Europe in the Middle Ages. It was discovered in Toronto in 1988 by Dr. Peter Gail, a Ph.D. botanist who specializes in studying how various cultures use backyard weeds for food and medicine. He received permission to distribute it in the United States, and introduced it to his medical herbalist colleagues, who in turn recommended it to their patients. It became so popular that his Canadian supplier couldn’t keep up with demand. He received permission to private label it, and changed the formula to make it more therapeutic and better tasting. Since then it has passed by word of mouth, and now is available in health and natural food stores and co-ops throughout the United States, in Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.
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