SPONSORED: Mother Creates Sister Missionary Fashion Line


As a mother of four missionaries, I have had the opportunity to embark on the great adventure of shopping for missionary clothing. As fun as it can be, I quickly learned from experience and from observing others that sometimes this experience can be anything but pleasant.  

While watching a frustrated woman with her daughter frantically scramble to find missionary clothing only days before entering the MTC, the idea of Latter-day Sister Missionary was born. By creating this fashion line, we hoped that both sister missionaries and their parents would be able to find the right look for an upcoming mission—while still being practical and frugal. 

Since its conception, Latter-day Sister Missionary has created skirts for sister missionaries that are modern, fashion-forward, sophisticated, and REVERSIBLE!  

14266These reversible skirts bring lighter luggage, higher fashion, and twice as many options to the sister missionary world. Go to latterdaysistermissionary.com to find the latest fashion that your sister missionary will love. 

Go forth with fashion at latterdaysistermissionary.com!

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