SPONSORED: New "In A Pikle" bag offers sanity for busy women

by | Aug. 06, 2012

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Four years ago, two friends and mom entrepreneurs set out to create a product that would help busy women like them deal with daily emergencies – that spill on your shirt, a missing button, an unsightly chin hair, a torn finger nail, or lunch stuck in your teeth. 

It all began when Marianne made her friend Tamara a gift out of a simple hot pad and snack baggies. Tamara loved it and saw the potential of turning this useful gift into a fashionable accessory. "In A Pikle" launched their product in October of 2011.

The "In A Pikle" bag (or more frequently referred to as the "Pikle") is a compact organizer for essential convenience items needed for the daily emergencies of life. It is camouflaged to look like a stylish, designer wallet. Inside are 8 clear, removable pouches that attach to the fashionable cover. It is designed to hold a stain remover pen, bandages, nail clippers, tweezers, safety pins, and much more.

Women have many of these items at the bottom of their purse, but can never find them when they need them. The Pikle organizes them in an easy-to-find fun and stylish way. The "Pikle" comes in many trendy designs and fun colors providing something for every taste. With the "Pikle", you’ll be able to successfully get out of almost any situation.

Liz S. from Colorado said:
"I was attending a friend's wedding and the bride got BBQ sauce on her dress. I happened to have my "Pikle" and pulled out the spot remover pen. We got her out of her "pickle" so she wouldn't have a stain on her dress for pictures."

Alisa P. from Utah said:
"We used it all the time on our vacation to Virginia, and yes, it went through security easier than my shoes!"

Rebeccah R. from Texas said:
"I often wonder how I've lived so long without "In A Pikle!" It's just like wondering, how did I ever live without a cell phone... yea, it's just that much of a convenience and necessity!"

The "In a Pikle" company recently added additional designs and products. The new designs include fashion forward patterns and colors and a gender neutral version called the "Gherkin Back Pak Pikle". The "Pikle" bags are ideal gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and holidays. They also make the perfect travel companion! Inapikle.com offers a wide range of clever accessories and gadgets to compliment the useful bag.

"If a unique, useful, and affordable gift is what you're looking for, you will find it on our site," says Marianne Porter, co-creator of "In A Pikle."  "Our product ranges from $35-$40 and each bag comes complete with over 20 convenience items."  

"We want our customers to love their 'In A Pikle' product. Everything we carry is of the highest quality and we offer impeccable customer service!" says co-creator, Tamara Foster. "Our product makes life simpler and more convenient!"

The "Pikle" offers real value for busy women as well as anyone who likes to be prepared for the little emergencies of life. It is an affordable, fun and useful gift for any occasion!

To see it for yourself, visit inapikle.com.
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