SPONSORED: New patriotic CD by Glenn Rawson: 'We Hold These Truths'

Nearly 276 years ago, 13 colonies united themselves and declared their liberty from England. While we seldom miss the firework show on the 4th of July, we frequently forget the compelling stories of our founding fathers. Glenn Rawson breathes life into these significant events in his new CD We Hold These Truths.

The journey starts at the harbor in Boston with those prominent men who set the American Revolution in motion. Listeners sit in on the meetings of the Constitution Convention and reflect on their shaping of our America. What does the Declaration of Independence really mean to us today? One can consider the circumstances during the miraculous crossing of the Delaware River, or learn why early colonists were filling cobble stone streets with dirt. Listeners may ponder the life of General Washington as his leadership melded 13 colonies into one nation under God. 

Throughout all these proceedings, Rawson teaches inspired principles about those men who were under divine direction. Washington, Henry, Madison, Adams and Jefferson all credited and endorsed heavenly help during those early years. Benjamin Franklin even proposed including prayer and supplication to the Almighty a standard practice for their conventions. Rawson captures their extraordinary efforts in physical freedom and directly applies them to the listener’s spiritual liberty. 

Jennie Bangerter Larsen tailored new music to accompany select tracks. She has the ability to create and capture the mood that will speak to the soul. With special permission, Deanne Casperson’s “God Bless America, Again” is also included. Her original score will arouse a renewed love for America. 

This music, along with Rawson’s ability to relate America’s past with our future, will kindle feelings of patriotism and love for America and the God of this land. Truly, the calling of our fathers is the calling of our time. 

We Hold These Truths is available from Harmony River at www.harmonyriver.com.
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