SPONSORED: Online homeschooling with crucial student interaction at K12

by | Nov. 10, 2012

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Many of the fond memories kids take from school are the friendships with classmates. Sadly, some of the harmful experiences also come from fellow students in the form of peer pressure and bullying. 

School atmosphere and issues like bullying and peer pressure are among the many reasons some families choose full-time online school powered by K12, Inc.—the country’s leading provider of online education for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This educational option gives parents the freedom to decide on the social situations their children experience. 

But what about those positive connections? Knowing that socialization is an important part of a child’s development, schools powered by K12, Inc. coordinate regular events giving students a chance to meet their classmates and teachers face-to-face. Through gatherings such as science fairs, community service projects and in-person graduations, students have fun while learning and making friends. There are also numerous opportunities for students to connect through online clubs, study groups and classes. 

Academically, K12’s family of schools provide students access to a robust, award-winning curriculum while offering an individualized approach for a variety of students. Check out the public and private school options in your area that partner with K12 by visiting k12.com
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