SPONSORED: Top Toilet Issues and How to Fix Them

by | May 06, 2013



Few things are more inconvenient or irritating than a non-working toilet. Here are the best ways to deal with the most common toilet problems:

1. Clogs: First, try using a plunger. Make sure there is enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger’s suction cup and fit the cup as tightly as possible to the bottom of the bowl around the outlet. After a few quick, forceful pushes on the plunger. If the clog is still present after several attempts, try an auger (sometimes called a snake).

2. Constant running: Find the float inside the tank and lift its arm. If the water stops running, adjust the float position downward by bending the arm until it floats low enough to stop the fill mechanism on its own. If that doesn’t work, make sure there is no water in the float. If it leaks, it should be repaired or replaced. If the float seems to be working properly, check the flapper—it may be stuck open due to a short chain or an impediment.

3. Weak or partial flush: If the water level in the tank is below the fill line, adjust the float position upward by bending the arm until the tank fills all the way. If the water level is adequate, the check the flapper to make sure nothing is preventing it from opening all the way, such as a short chain to the flush handle.

4. Water outside the tank and bowl: Pour a small amount of food coloring into the tank and watch to see where the water is escaping. It could be caused by cracks in the fixture, loose fittings or malfunctioning seals. If no water escapes, the tank could be sweating due to humidity.

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