SPONSORED: Virtual Education and Faith

by | Aug. 28, 2013


Over the years with K12, the one question that I’ve heard most often from families has been, “How does K12 work if you’re Christian/Muslim/Catholic/Jewish? (Or another faith.) Will this curriculum hinder my sharing our family’s faith and values?” What I’ve found is that more than any other curriculum and school possibility, K12 has allowed us, as families, to share our beliefs and faith with our children while using a thorough, secular curriculum.

While K12 doesn’t provide “religious instruction,” it does provide our kids with a view of a world where many religions, from many regions, over thousands of years, have shaped the world as it is today.  Our children can hear from us where our own faith fits into the picture of the larger world.  K12 families from all over have been able to use these discussions about other faiths in history as a jumping off point for greater discussions and further sharing than other curricula might have allowed. It is, after all, our responsibility as parents to share and teach our children about our cultures, our faiths, and our values.

So to answer those questions . . . K12 doesn’t inhibit what you want to share with your children. Rather it enhances the possibilities to do so.  More possibilities to share, discuss and teach…using a secular curriculum to do so.  K12 teaches the history, you teach the faith, whatever that might be.

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