Sacred Spaces

by | Aug. 27, 2012

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“Have a great day!” I call out to the boys as I drop them off at school, pausing for a moment in the car to watch them as they head to their classrooms, clad in identical school uniforms, and nearly drowning in the huge backpacks they picked out for the new school year. I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly, relishing the silence in the car. “Please Lord, give me strength and peace today,” I pray. Praying in the car has become my daily ritual as I drop the kids off at school. It is the one place in my life where I can be truly alone – no children, nurses, or therapists to distract me. The act of putting on a seatbelt has become a sacrament for me, and now I utter a silent prayer every time I get in a car, whether I am alone or not.
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