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by | Jul. 01, 2020

Digital Conference Features Messages from Hilary WeeksBruce and Marie HafenBrandon Mull, and the Bonner Family, Plus Dozens of Workshops and Classes Taught by Leading Publishing and Media Experts

The 6th Annual National Conference of the Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association (LDSPMA, Sept. 24-26, 2020) is going fully digital for the first time, enabling Latter-day Saint writers, editors, filmmakers, musicians, and artists to attend from anywhere in the world. A 50% Early Bird discount is available until August 1st by using the registration code “LDSLIVING.” As a bonus, this year’s registered attendees can also watch, or rewatch recorded sessions for a full month following the conference (until October 31).

The annual LDSPMA conference brings people together to learn from experts, share ideas, ask questions, and network with one another. This year’s theme, “Empowered by Vision” was chosen in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the First Vision and speaks to the power Church members have to use their talents to share the light of the gospel with the world.

Steve Piersanti, LDSPMA director of Conferences and Programs, shared some of his thoughts about this year’s conference.

Question: What is the Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association?

Answer: The Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association (LDSPMA) is an international organization for members and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who work in media and publishing or aspire to do so. We provide online and in-person opportunities for our members to learn, network, share and refine their work, and support one another in magnifying and marketing praiseworthy works that bring light to the world. The media represented by LDSPMA members includes books, blogs, articles, songs, poetry, videos, films, audio programs, podcasts, and others. Membership is free and we welcome everyone from students to seasoned professionals.

Question: Why should Church members with creative talents attend this conference?

Answer: Latter-day Saints are always looking for ways to share their light with others. This conference is focused on helping Church members with creative talents to reach their inspired personal goals while making a difference for good in the world.

Question: Why a virtual conference?

Answer: It may seem obvious during a global pandemic why we decided to go fully digital, but we also had the choice to cancel the conference this year. Cancelling just didn’t seem right when so many talented Latter-day Saints are trying to find the right ideas, resources, and connections to help them follow their inspired dreams. We felt it was our duty to support them through this unique period.

Question: What are the advantages of a virtual LDSPMA conference?

Answer: There are so many! First off, our previous conferences have been limited to those who could make their way to Provo, Utah and the BYU campus. Now we can extend the conference to the entire world! In-person networking obviously won’t happen, but the long-distance digital connections we will enable people to make this year could never happen under our standard one-location format. Plus, unlike a live conference where if you miss a session you’re out of luck, registered attendees of this year’s conference will be able to view all of the sessions they missed for more than 30 days after the conference ends (until October 31st).

Question: Tell our readers about your line-up of speakers and sessions.

Answer: We have a tremendous line-up of great conference speakers and an equally terrific line-up of deep-dive, pre-conference workshops. In addition to our wonderful keynote speakers, the conference will feature more than 80 other leaders in publishing and media who will share valuable instruction in 48 topical sessions, 8 interactive sessions, and 10 deep-dive preconference workshops.

Our regular conference tracks include: Marketing; Editing, Design, and Production; Media; Publishing; Fiction Writing; and, Nonfiction Writing, so there’s really something for everyone who attends.

One of the most useful aspects of the conference are the Interactive Sessions. These include:

  • Online Presence Audit where you can get a professional evaluation of where you land in a Google search and how to improve your visibility, message, and clarity.
  • Quick Critiques. An opportunity to receive instant professional feedback on your manuscript.
  • Networking Groups, where you can meet other conference attendees and get help with your publishing challenges.

Question: You also have some exciting pre-conference workshops planned as well.

Answer: That’s right. All the sessions I have described so far are included in the general conference registration and will take place on Friday, September 25th, and Saturday, September 26th.

In addition, anyone interested can register separately for any of 10 half-day, hands-on, Pre-conference Deep Dive Workshops on Thursday, September 24th. These workshops will be led by top professionals.  We first introduced these workshops at last year’s conference, and they were a big hit so more have been added. Our line-up this year includes:

• Professional Editing
• Developmental Editing for Fiction Writing
• Power Storytelling Techniques to Captivate Readers
• Fiction Writing
• Your Map to Successful Book Publishing
• Business and Intellectual Property Development in Media and Publishing
• The Art of Podcasting: Design, Launch, Marketing, Brand Building
• Screenwriting: Breaking through Barriers and Mastering Tools
• Marketing Strategies and Campaign Building for Authors and Other Creative Artists
• Website Design, Branding, and Social Media

Question: Any last thoughts?

Answer: We just encourage anyone who wants to use their unique gifts to improve the world to come and be a part of LDSPMA and our annual conference. There is power when we join together for good.

For more information visit www.ldspma.org. 

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