Sponsored: Adapt to Your Circumstances for the Better with an LDSBC Network Administration Degree

by | Nov. 13, 2019

Having to adapt to new and different circumstances is a constant throughout most people’s lives. For Darwin Rios, a Network Administration student from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, coming to LDS Business College was originally never in the picture.

“My original plan was to start my schooling at BYU,” Darwin said. “My English wasn’t so great at the time, so I began to focus on just that instead. 

“I had heard about LDS Business College from some friends in my English class. Multiple students were attending there, and they were saying all sorts of cool things about the school. 

“That inspired me to research a bit more about LDS Business College. Then, I came here and started asking questions. The people here were so nice – answering every question I had. That’s what ultimately led me to come here.” 

Despite having only been here one semester, Darwin has already greatly benefited from his student-teacher interactions.

“My teachers have done a great job of helping me find jobs and internships that are available,” Darwin said.

Darwin also loves how well integrated the gospel is in his classes. In fact, the mission of LDS Business College is to develop capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ.

“Everything is based around the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Darwin said. “I love that. Every person here is very humble and nice. It’s different here from other colleges. I’ve been able to learn and make friends very easily.”

Darwin hopes that everyone will see the value of an LDS Business College education.

“I had a friend who asked about LDS Business College,” Darwin said. “I told him that this place was awesome. Even if you don’t know English 100%, the teachers here will help you understand what they’re trying to teach you. You will find people here that will help you do the best things in life.”

Darwin hopes to continue his pursuit of education once he graduates with a degree from LDSBC. Because LDS Business College associate degree graduates are given direct acceptance into the BYU-Idaho online program, continuing education is easy. 

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