Sponsored: Missionary Boot Camp Prepares Elders to Serve

by | Mar. 05, 2018

Does your teenage son hold untapped potential?

Are electronic devices dominating him?

Would you prefer that he develop social skills and spirituality, grit and resilience?

His inner strength can be awakened at the Missionary Training Camp!

Through a proven mix of carefully crafted experiences, your son will stretch to his finest self! Learning to enjoy and being a finisher will set him up for mission success.

At the Missionary Training Camp, held in the fresh air of pioneer country in the four corners area, your son will learn to:

- Master challenging Group Leadership Projects

- Navigate rugged pioneer trails with inspiring stories

- Conquer military-style Leadership Reaction Courses

- Create and complete unique service projects that will stand as landmarks he can return and see

- Learn crucial people skills and leadership strategies

- Function without electronic devices

- Prepare meals from many countries (where he may end up serving) and serve them to a group of peers

- Maintain his own hotel room with routine inspections for high standards of cleanliness and order

- Learn coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety (huge factors in early mission returns)

- Receive instruction and mentorship from successful returned missionaries who tell it like it is

- Work with current missionaries actually serving in the field

- Develop a daily discipline routine (physical fitness training and scripture study)

- Participate in deep gospel discussions and in-depth scripture-based lessons

Come visit us at missionarytrainingcamp.com!

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