Sponsored: Retired LDS NFL Football Trainer and Legendary LDS Heavyweight Boxing Champion Share Their Life-Saving Experiences with Revolutionary New Nitric Oxide-Boosting Discovery

by | Jun. 25, 2018

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"Marvelous Things Can Happen When Your Blood Flow Is Increased"

Besides Mormon world middleweight boxing champion Gene Fullmer, Tony Fulilangi was one of the greatest Mormon boxers. His storied career of 39 wins (36 of which were knockouts) ended in 1988 when he was defeated by heavyweight champion George Foreman.

Until recently, 58-year-old Tony suffered from the many physical maladies associated with a long boxing career. He had chronic joint and muscle pain. He was fatigued and sleepy all of the time. And he suffered from the onset of cardiovascular disease made evident by extremely high and dangerous blood pressure.

Tony’s life changed when his good friend, 78-year-old David Riccardo of Lehi, Utah—a highly regarded trainer of elite athletes, including many LDS NFL football players—introduced Tony to a revolutionary new nitric oxide booster called OxySpark.

David, who had severe cardiovascular disease (AFIB, pacemaker, defibrillator, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, edema, angina) told Tony that OxySpark had nearly reversed his heart disease and reduced his blood pressure. David learned about OxySpark from an advertisement in LDS Living magazine.


Nitric oxide keeps our arteries open. We lose 85 percent of our nitric oxide as we age. This results in age-related diseases.

The article David read explained that the molecule our body produces to keep our circulatory system healthy and open—nitric oxide—is flush in our youth and is the reason for youthful vitality.

But as we age, we lose 85 percent of our ability to produce nitric oxide. This results in the narrowing of arteries, oxygen and nutrient deprivation, and the onset of cardiovascular and other diseases associated with the age-related narrowing of the circulatory system.

However, one 500 mg dose of OxySpark’s stem cell powder mixed with water at two doses a day helps repair the cells where nitric oxide is produced, restores nitric oxide production to near youthful levels, and then maintains nitric oxide production with only one dose a day thereafter. 

OxySpark is 10 times more effective than old-school arginine and beetroot-based nitric oxide boosters because OxySpark widens the circulatory system 50 percent compared to only 5 percent of arginine and beetroot.

David was skeptical when he read about OxySpark. This skepticism drove him to the internet, where he learned everything he could about nitric oxide and nitric oxide boosting products.

David was highly motivated because he has AFIB, a pacemaker, defibrillator, and at that time was prescribed numerous life-saving medications:

- Losartan for high blood pressure—165/105
- Coreg for high blood pressure and heart failure
- Eliquis for blood thinning and enlarged heart
- Pravastatin for high LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease

In addition, David dangerously tipped the scales at 327 pounds.

David’s research led him to overcome much of his skepticism about OxySpark and he placed an order.

Blood pressure drops 59 points! No more prescription drugs.

Today, four months later David is off all of his medications and has a resting blood pressure that vacillates between 106/62 to 115/78. In addition, he has shed 30 pounds because of the oxygenation and nutritional effects of OxySpark.

“My doctor couldn’t believe the dramatic positive reversal of my health” reports David.

“He couldn’t believe my stats and the way I looked. He said he’d never seen anything like it before and even considered it a miracle."

David continues, “I told him about OxySpark and its ability to widen the arteries and increase circulation by 50 percent. The doctor told me and confirmed that ‘marvelous things can happen when blood flow is increased.’”

David recommended OxySpark to Tony, who David knew was suffering from many of the ailments he had experienced.


“OxySpark saved my life”: Normal blood pressure, pain gone, renewed energy

After two months on OxySpark, Tony reports, “My blood pressure is now normal, I have renewed energy and much of the joint and muscle pain (inflammation) due to years of physical battering in the ring is gone.

My doctors explained to me this is all due to the widening of my arteries and increased blood flow, revitalizing oxygen and nutrient delivery to my cells, tissues, and organs brought on by OxySpark."

“Until I was introduced to OxySpark,” concludes Tony, “I was resigned to a life of heart disease and pain. At 58 years old, I have a new lease on life and look forward to a bright future with my kids and grandkids, all because of OxySpark.”

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Tony Fulilangi, a former champion boxer who now trains world-class boxers.

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