Testimonies from 62 Countries Testify of a Worldwide Church

A BYU alumna recently compiled A Global Testimony, a book written by members of the LDS Church about their conversion experiences from around the world.

The authors of the book, compiled by Katarina Jambrešić, are from 60 different countries, including Denmark, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Botswana, and Haiti. The authors’ individual stories are intended to inspire and strengthen Church members and readers from all backgrounds.

“From the first story to the last, you will see that God is in the details. His miracles have not ceased,” Jambrešić said. “These accounts have the ability to renew our conviction and understanding that the Lord is aware and ready to answer our prayers.”

[. . .] 

One of the featured authors in the book is 22-year-old Haris Rožajac, the first soon-to-be missionary from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rožajac’s story includes growing up in Bosnia, a predominantly Muslim country, where he first attended a free English class taught by the sister missionaries in Sarajevo. His investigation of the Church led to his baptism, his mother’s subsequent baptism and his father’s present meetings with the missionaries.

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