Texas youth hold LDS prom

More than a thousand youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Denton, Parker and Tarrant Counties danced the night away at the West Regional LDS Prom held April 9, at Celebrations in Highland Village. At first glance the prom was like any other prom in any other age. Young ladies wearing, what for many were their first evening gowns, transformed into beautiful princesses escorted by dashing young men only slightly ill at ease in their many hued tuxedos. High heels pinched dainty toes and young men tugged at over tight ties. Some came in limos and some in the family car. There was music and dancing, food and laughter. No doubt some fell in love and some hearts were broken in that elaborate and awkward and beautiful and timeless way of youth.

What was different wasn't apparent at first, sort of like those pictures hidden in pictures where you have to stare just so before the image leaps out. At the West Regional LDS Prom there were no short skirts or plunging necklines, no suggestive dancing, no music with questionable lyrics. A gentility and grace pervaded the event reminiscent of days when modesty in dress and behavior were held in high esteem. There was loud music and youthful exuberance, to be sure, but it was tempered by adherence to a high standard of behavior the youth held in common.
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