The Deeper Meaning of 'Good Tidings'

I have a small confession to make. To this day, when I hear someone read from Luke, chapter 2, I hear the voice of Linus. It must be from growing up as a product of the 60s & 70s. (I posted the video at the bottom of the page so as not to distract any more than I already have.)

As I mentioned the other day, the angels that got to participate in the announcements regarding Jesus’ birth had an awesome assignment. I’ll bet any one of us would have loved that job, or even a chance to be in the choir. (Maybe we were in that choir…) When the angel appeared to the shepherds keeping watch in the fields, he obviously gave them a bit of a scare, but he then made an announcement that would go down in the annals of recorded history as one of the most familiar quotes of all time . . .

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