The Fastest Way to Say Thank You

by | Nov. 10, 2016

Gratitude is on everyone’s mind this month. Now there’s an easy—and free—way to express it.

Online greeting card company pixingo.com is letting you send a real, hold-it-in-your-hands thank you card to anyone, anywhere for free. It’s a card you can create in their user-friendly online studio, and they take care of the rest. Pixingo will print, stuff, address, stamp, and mail your card for you.

Sending a gratitude card speaks to what Pixingo is all about: making things personal. Founded in 2011, Pixingo set out to make connections more meaningful. “We saw that as the world went digital, something was getting lost,” founder Bryan Thayer explained. “We wanted to keep connections real, and in truth, nothing can replace a personal note.”

Image titlePixingo is so convinced that expressing gratitude actually makes people happier, the free card option is good throughout the month of November. Just go to pixingo.com/free and the rest is easy. You can drag and drop any photo, add a caption and even some style elements from a huge selection of templates, then save your card and click to send it.

The company mantra, “It’s Personal,” permeates its product line, which includes cards for thank yous, Christmas and birthdays. Even posters and canvas wraps can be personalized.

So start thinking of a special teacher, friend, neighbor, or someone in law enforcement or the military, and send them a card at no cost to you. But they’re pretty likely to think it’s priceless.

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