The Seemingly Ordinary Prompting I Got That Ended Up Saving a Life

by | Mar. 12, 2016

Mormon Life

It was a spiritual prompting much like those we can receive on a daily basis, those small urges that pop into your head. But, little did this sister know, that prompting would end up saving a life.

As I finished the dinner dishes, I checked the clock. In ten more minutes my counselors and secretary would arrive for another evening of visits. As a Relief Society presidency, we often select a few less active or new sisters to visit, to extend our love and encourage them to come to church.

Earlier I had felt prompted to look over one particular questionnaire that our bishop had asked Visiting Teachers to fill out for the women they visit. This one was for a woman who had recently asked to have her name removed from the records of the church. The bishop and a counselor had visited with her a couple of weeks ago, softened her heart, and convinced her to allow visiting teachers to come by.

As I read the form, I noticed that she had once been in an abusive marriage, suffered from depression, and was worried about who would take care of her when she got older. As I read it, my heart melted. She had been through some terrible experiences, and I felt strongly we should go see her.

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