The origins and evolution of the 'I’m a Mormon' campaign

Whether it’s a bearded motorcyclist who sculpts or a stay-at-home mother raising six kids, the members are the face of the LDS Church, and that will not change going forward.

That was the main message to emerge from a panel discussion at BYU’s Mormon Media Studies Symposium on Thursday regarding the origins and evolution of the “I’m a Mormon” campaign of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“One of the things we have learned is that the face of the church are members of the church, and we’ve made sure that is a really big piece of what we are doing,” said Ron Wilson, senior manager of the Internet and advertising for the church's missionary department. “But we haven’t done the best job of talking to the members of the church, explaining what this is, and that’s one of the reasons we are here today, to try and help get that word out, so members of the church understand what we’re doing, how they can be involved and how they can be part of the conversation.”

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