17 Things People Get Wrong About Latter-day Saints


6. “Latter-day Saints don’t dance.”

This funny clip from Cheers has probably planted this question in a few people’s minds: 

But as Norm notes, Latter-day Saints are (still) not Amish. And we can dance (and send flowers, too!). We even organize large dances for youth and young single adults that are often held inside our church buildings.

Now, I’m not saying we all dance well, and we are given the guideline to avoid “positions or moves that are suggestive of sexual or violent behavior,” but there’s certainly no rule entirely prohibiting us from busting a move on the dance floor.

7.“All Latter-day Saints are Republican.”

While the Church will occasionally make official statements about politics based on moral issues, it does not endorse one political party over another. Rather, it encourages members to be informed and politically active and notes that “principles compatible with the gospel may be found in various political parties and candidates.”

8.“The Church is a cult.”

Except that it isn’t. Most Latter-day Saints have heard this before, even if it hasn’t been said to their faces. Let’s clear this error up.

By definition, a cult is “a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, emphasis added).

There are a few problems with classifying the Church as a cult. First is that we’re no “small religious group.” In fact, we’re 15 million members strong—and more than half of those are outside the United States.

Second, we are also part of a “more accepted religion”: Latter-day Saints are Christians, in that we believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Lastly, nothing about Latter-day Saint beliefs is extreme or dangerous. (Unless you count supporting families, improving our communities, and trying to be “honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and virtuous” as extreme or dangerous.)

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