17 Things People Get Wrong About Latter-day Saints


12. “You don’t read the Bible; Latter-day Saints have their own Bible.”

I’m glad you told me this—you just saved me a lot of reading. The truth is, Latter-day Saints do read the Bible and consider it scripture. In fact, this year, Sunday lessons around the world will be teaching about the Old Testament.

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In addition to the Bible, though, we also study other scripture which we believe complements (and does not replace) the Bible. 

These include the Book of Mormon (where the nickname, “the Mormons,” comes from), modern-day revelation contained in a book called the Doctrine & Covenants, additional scripture including the book of Moses that’s contained in the Pearl of Great Price, and the words of our modern prophets. It’s this belief in continuing revelation from heaven that is part of what sets Latter-day Saints apart from other Christian religions.

13. “How does it feel to be an oppressed Latter-day Saint woman?”

Let me just hand the mic to renowned Latter-day Saint author and CEO of Deseret Book, Sheri Dew, on this one:

If you're not inclined to watch, here's a quick summary:

Dew says that it seems easy to draw the conclusion that because women are not ordained to the priesthood that somehow we've been given less. But here are just a few things women in the Church get:

We pray in public meetings. We speak. We expound scripture. We teach the doctrine. We lead organizations for all the women and young women and children of the Church. We teach the gospel on missions. In the temple, women participate in ordinances of a priesthood character. 

Women receive revelation, gain testimonies, and stand in equality with men before the Lord in matters pertaining to godliness and holiness. We have the gift and power of the Holy Ghost. We receive an endowment of knowledge and power. We have spiritual gifts, including charity, spiritual intuition, and moral courage. We receive all the blessings of the Atonement. 

Women are at the very center of the plan of salvation; every person comes to earth through the courage and strength of a woman. 

We get everything. 

She concludes, “Does it sound like the Church is holding me back?”

And that’s just scratching the surface. Check out more about Latter-day Saint women and the priesthood

14. “You can’t use mirrors.”

Doing my hair would certainly be a lot harder if this myth were true. Thankfully, mirrors are definitely something Latter-day Saints can use.

This misunderstanding doesn’t actually come from confusion with a vampire legend like you might think. An LDS Living reader who heard this myth explains:

“It came from the person seeing missionaries backing . . . up [a car] and the assumption that they did this because they could not use their rearview mirrors or something like that. It would seem they could back up without the mirrors, but I don't think the person thought of that.”
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