This LDS Couple Has 5 Kids Under 14 Months Old--Here's How Their Faith Keeps Them Going

When Julie and David Grygla leave their St. George home, they prepare to be met with stares and questions. As the parents of 14-month-old triplet boys and 1-month-old twin girls, David and Julie understand that their family is unusual. But with all the attention they attract, it is hard not to feel like a "freak show," Julie says.

"That's how I feel whenever I go out in public," she told the Deseret News. "It's not great to have to be exposed to all the negative vibes every time you leave the house. But I agreed to do this (interview) because we just feel like we've been so blessed, and it's really our obligation to testify of the importance of families and the beauty of families and just that hard work and sacrifice is worth it."

After marrying and struggling with infertility for a year and a half, the Gryglas were surprised to learn that, through the help of artificial insemination, Julie was pregnant with triplets. But the real surprise came when the couple's triplets were 5 months old and Julie found out she was expecting twins.

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