To the Happy Couple: You've Been Warned.

The MMM family is going to have it's first wedding! I mentioned it the other day in the "Diddy Kong" post here. The good news is that they are still engaged, and the even better news is that we are all still happy about it - giddy, in fact. (Giddy in a "manly" sort of way.)

A short time after the engagement was made official, Monkeyboy and the future Monkeygirl came over to the house, along with the future in-laws. It was a chance for us to all get to know each other a little better, and to talk about wedding plans, dates, and all the crap things that come with a wedding. We started with a prayer, and then I asked if I could make a few observations. ("Observations" was code for the speech that I had written in my head over the previous few days.) I had a captive audience, and was my kitchen table...

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