Video: Les Mis' One Day More (Missionary Parody)

by | Feb. 21, 2013

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Description from YouTube: "This is merely a song visually altered to describe the story of a missionary (Adam Tanner) who receives his mission call and must say goodbye to his needy BYU girlfriend (Jenni Zackrison). Also following the loneliness and despair of Eponine (Julie Jacobs) who continues to stalk the elder to no end. On the other side of the earth, a district leader breaks the rules by watching a movie in a theater while on his mission and remains afraid that he will soon be in deep doo-doo. Back at home- as the mission prep instructor (Grant Amann) prepares his students, the missionary must come to a choice on whether to serve the Lord or to shrivel away forever. At the same time, a punk (Ryan Humphrey) watches the prep-class and decides to serve a mission as well........ while two hungry members sneak into the church kitchen and find the LDS church's beloved green-jello and diet products."

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