Washington Post Columnist: "You Can't Afford Not to Tithe"

Michelle Singletary, a nationally syndicated author for The Washington Post, has been publishing a series of videos to accompany her new book, The 21 Day Financial Fast. Though not a member of the Church, Singletary devoted day four of her series to the topic of giving and tithing.

In the video, which appeared on Washington Post's website, Singletary said people needed to put tithing and giving first in their financial priorities. "I wrote this chapter because lots of people ask or say, ‘I can’t afford to tithe,’ and I like to tell you, ‘You can’t afford not to tithe,’” Singletary said in the video. "When you put that out there, when you give first, imagine what you will get in return."

Video originally found on the Deseret News.
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