Watch: Claire Ryann Interviews Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine + More in Adorable Video for "The Voice"

Recently, NBC's The Voice created an adorable video where Claire Ryann Crosby interviewed judges Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton. During the adorable video, Claire asks a few hard-hitting questions about Shelton's mullet and ladybug tattoos, but she also gives suggestions on how Levine and Shelton can get along better and say nice things to each other.

In a particularly touching moment, she asks Alicia Keys how she can grow to be a big, strong woman like her. "I'm melting," Keys says. "You're just going to be yourself. You are going to be bigger and you are going to be wiser and you are going to be stronger."

Levine told Claire, "You have been my favorite interview of all time, and I've been interviewed by Oprah."

It seems many others are taking to the interview as well, with Ellen DeGeneres sharing the video which has gained over two million views in 15 hours.

But this isn't the first time Claire has charmed The Voice judges. Last year, her father Dave Crosby competed on the show, and when he spoke of Claire as his motivation for singing, Adam Levine lost it, saying he loved Claire and Dave's cover of "You've Got a Friend."

"When I had my baby girl, that was one of the most amazing moments of my life," Levine said. "And someone sent me that video and I lost it. I'm so happy you realized that you should never have given up on this because if you had given up on this, that never would have happened. What a beautiful thing. I can't believe that it's you, that dude from the video, standing in front of me right now. I'm blown away."

Claire then joined her dad on stage, prompting Shelton to say, "Dave, I want you on my team man, but I'd really like to have her."

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