Watch: LDS Artist's Inspiring Music Video Features Bucket List Family

Cali Gee, the newborn baby of popular travel vloggers Garrett and Jessica Gee, will definitely go places no one has gone before.

Although Baby Gee is only a few months old, he’s about to leave the country and has more Instagram followers than most adults.

After selling a scanning app to Snapchat, Garrett and Jessica Gee sold everything they owned in 2015 to take their family on a humanitarian adventure around the world. Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and Cali now travel the globe full-time, and they've made quite the impact on social media as “The Bucket List Family.”

LDS singer and actress Kelsey Edwards recently partnered with The Bucket List Family to create a welcoming melody for baby Cali. The song is a cover of the Hanson's popular "I Was Born," though the lyrics are changed to reflect the perspective of a mother singing to her child.

“It was Garrett’s idea to make a song for his new baby, Cali. I’m grateful he asked me to sing it,” Edwards said. “The song now says, 'YOU were born to be someone no one has been before.’ It’s very inspiring.”

For Edwards, the message of this song is deeply relatable. It inspires her to be confident and achieve her potential and she hopes it can motivate others to do the same.

“We did this for Cali, but it’s a song that will resonate with anyone and everyone. I struggle with confidence at times, and this song reminds us that each have a unique, special purpose,” Edwards said. “We were truly born to be someone no one has been before.”

Disclaimer: The following video shows some images surrounding the birth of a newborn.

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