Watch: President Nelson Reveals the Most Important Thing He's Learned in 94 Years

In a new video by the Church News, President Russell M. Nelson shares, “If there is anything I’ve learned in my 94 years of living, it is that a life with God is far better — more filled with hope — than one without Him.” These thoughts came from a recent op-ed article President Nelson wrote for the Arizona Republic.

In that article, President Nelson shared: 

“Nothing man-made can ever approach what God can do for His children. The most able minds cannot offer redemption from sin or heal our hearts from emotional pain. They cannot generate enduring hope or joy. They cannot promise life after death or the potential of being with our loved ones beyond the grave. They cannot generate peace of mind,” President Nelson writes. “But God can. Our spiritual DNA is His DNA. If our hearts are open to Him—if we believe in the divinity of the Father and His Son—we can rise from the ashes of our lives and become the men and women we were sent to earth to become.”

But, even though our Heavenly Father can bring light even into the darkest of situations, President Nelson acknowledges that He doesn’t abolish the darkness or trials in our lives. Instead, he shares, “It is my conviction that our Savior can strengthen and enable us to reach our highest highs and be able to cope with our lowest lows. . . . He will infuse your life with meaning and fill your heart with hope that transcends anything the world can offer.”

Read the full article by President Nelson here. 

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