Watch: Southeast Asia Ministry a Testament of God's Love for the One

As he concluded his ministry to Southeast Asia with President Russell M. Nelson, Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said that the pioneers who are building a legacy there and embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ are "destined to be a force" for the Church.

“I think this is destined to be a force in the Church, in the gathering of Israel, and the whole Latter-day work of the Lord," Elder Christofferson said.

Elder Christofferson and President Nelson just concluded a trip that included ministering to saints in Southeast Asia in four countries and five cities in seven days. The trip included visits to Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

Although there was a significant difference in the meeting venues where the saints were gathering to listen to their leaders on this trip, Elder Christofferson and President Nelson stressed the importance of how necessary it is that each and every member of the Lord's Church is ministered to one by one. 

“I think it was a particularly significant message at this point to have the President of the Church come see a relatively small group and, by his presence, say: ‘You matter. You’re in our hearts, you’re in our minds, in our prayers. The Lord is mindful of you and we’re mindful of you,’” Elder Christofferson said. 

“These people, we love them and we feel for them when they have pain and we rejoice with them when they have joy," President Nelson said. "This is His work and He is directing it and we get to participate. It’s pretty exciting, really.”

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