Weekend Craft: Laundry Flag Pennant

by | Feb. 12, 2011


Made from canvas trading cards and a stencil that you cut on your Cricut machine, this pennant can say anything you wish. A little misting ink, some fabric scraps, and you’re done!

Supplies Needed:

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1.    Place stencil material on Cricut mat and cut letters 3”. Set the blade depth on 6 and the pressure on max. MOST IMPORTANT: use the multi-cut function. It will cut the letter twice. Because the stencil material is thicker than paper, it needs to be cut twice to go all the way through.
2.    Remove the plastic backing from cut letters and position on canvas.

1.    Gently swirl mists before using to mix in the glimmer. If you shake the bottle, you will more likely have some splats of ink as you mist. Place canvas on misting mat and lightly spray from about 5-6 inches above the canvas. If it is a strong color, spray from a higher distance. Use paper towel and blot up excess ink. Set aside to dry.
  • L – spray first with Cherub Pink and then spray Pink Bubblegum over top. Mix colors to desired intensity.
  • A – spray with Chocolate Covered Cherries.
  • U – Spray first with Mint Chocolate and then darken with Caribbean Blue.
  • N – spray with Apricot.
  • D - spray first with Cotton Candy and then spray very lightly with Cosmos (this color is really intense).
  • R - spray with Tattered Leather.
  • Y - spray first with Mint Chocolate and then darken with Caribbean Blue.
2.    Remove stencil. Allow canvas to dry. Do not remove paper backing from canvas.
3.    Use the largest hole punch (3/16) on the crop-a-dile and punch 2 holes in each top edge of the pennant. Remember to leave room to set the eyelet.
4.    Set eyelets in each hole.
5.    Tear fabric scraps in about ½ x 12” strips. You will need 8 strips. We used 3 different fabric patterns.
6.    Link pennants together with strips and tie knot in the middle of joined pennants.
7.    Using the floss, sew button on to knot and tie with a bow.
8.    Trim fabric strips and floss to desired length.
9.    Hang.
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