Weekend Craft: Monogrammed Notebook

Whether it’s used for a journal or just a place to keep those creative ideas or thoughts, this notebook will reflect your personality. Simply choose two favorite colors of vinyl and grab one of those extra composition notebooks that are left over from school supply shopping, some scrap paper, and in no time at all you’ll have your very own personalized notebook! 

Supplies Needed
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Cutting chart for Cricut machines: *See photo gallery for an image of the chart.


 1. Turn base color of vinyl over. Open notebook and trace around edges. Remove notebook and trim approximately ¾ inch larger around tracing.

   2. Carefully remove backing from vinyl and center notebook on vinyl. Lower one edge down and flatten. Repeat.

   3. Turn over and smooth out any air bubbles. If there are several, carefully peel up vinyl from one corner and gently smooth back into place. If needed, a sharp needle can be used to prick air bubble so vinyl will lay smooth.

   4. While book is closed, make two snips the width of the spine at top and bottom; trim out. Open back cover and use scissors to make two or three evenly-spaced cuts to each corner (like a piece of pie). Next, fold in snips and then the long edges, being careful to keep vinyl smooth. Repeat for front cover.

   5. Follow the chart above to cut monogram of choice.

   6. Weed and pick out centers. (See instructions included with vinyl.)

   7. Apply transfer tape to monogram, burnish.

   8. Transfer monogram, burnish.

   9. Embellish with I rock and silver glam rocks.

  10. Trim patterned paper to fit insides of cover. Leave about ¼ inch of base exposed. Round outer corners of paper to match corners, if desired.

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