Weekend Craft: Mother’s Day Gift Wrap

by | May 06, 2011


Our moms do so much for us every day that it’s nice to remember them with something that we have put a little bit of ourselves into. This simple yet elegant wrapping paper with handmade ribbon and bows provides just the right touch. 

Supplies Needed:
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Wrapping Paper:
   1. Tear off a piece of freezer paper the size of tissue paper.
   2. Tightly crumple one sheet of tissue paper and then spread out flat.
   3. Heat iron on medium-high heat – absolutely no steam!
   4. On a heatproof surface, lay tissue paper on top of waxy side of freezer paper and iron. Keep iron moving slowly across the tissue paper until the wax starts to melt and adheres the tissue to the freezer paper. When the wax starts to melt, tiny wrinkles will appear.
   5. Set aside and let cool.
   6. Squeeze out some paint onto a paper plate or non-stick mat.
   7. Gently press stamp into paint and slide around in paint until thoroughly covered.
   8. Stamp onto tissue paper.
   9. Repeat until pattern is complete.
  10. Paint washes off with warm water.

Paper Ribbon:
   1. Choose desired paper to go with wrapping paper. Punch entire sheet of paper to make bow and ribbon.
   2. With liquid glue, overlap edges about ½ inch in the middle and glue together, matching the design of the punch. Only glue what is needed for ribbon.

Bow One:
   1. Each length of bow will be determined by the size of the box being wrapped. For most bows, it will take between ½ and ⅔ of a strip. Save all remaining pieces.
   2. Make a round loop, and with the remaining piece, loop the strip over and back under the center loop. Staple together.
   3. Make another separate loop to match the other side and slip under the center loop and then staple.
   4. Use a complete strip and make 2 loops (the outer edges come together in the center), staple in the center.
   5. Place the top 3 loops over the 2 loops just made and staple in the center.
   6. Make ribbon as in step 2 above.
   7. Use the ribbon to “tie” the package and place bow in the center and glue down using a generous amount of glue. (See tip)

Bow Two:
   1. Punch an entire 12 x 12 sheet of paper to make a bow with multiple layers. There should be enough to make ribbons for tying around a small package.
   2. Separate 4 strips for the first layer of the bow. Loop the ends to the center and staple. Repeat with the other 3 strips. Then layer the first 2 strips in a cross and staple. Repeat with the next 2 strips and rotate just a little so that you have a perfect circle of loops.
   3. Make the next layer the same way, except use 4 smaller strips.
   4. For the center, use half as much ribbon as the middle layer and only 2 strips to make a ball that is glued in the center. (See tip)

Bow Three:
   1. Determine length of strip for bow by looping strip to make a circle.
   2. Cut 4 strips of punched design to the same length.
   3. Loop strip to make a circle and staple ends.
   4. Loop second strip over first circle, forming a cross.
   5. Continue looping each strip over the previous one and staple. Make sure the layers are spread out in a circle before stapling.
   5. Glue down in place. (See tip)

TIP: Use a pair of tweezers to hold the bow in place while the glue dries.
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