Weekend Craft: 'My Girl' Frame

by | Mar. 12, 2011


These frames are the perfect size for adding color to your wall, desk, or dresser. With the thickness of the frame, you can even add dimension to the frame by using several papers on the various edges. Flowers or not, these frames can be decorated in whatever style suits you.

Supplies Needed:
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   1. Select the yellow floral page, cut to fit the frame with a 6 ½ x 6 ½ square cut out of the center.
   2. Cut a 6 ½ x 6 ½ square out of the blue and fuchsia polka dot paper and (4) 1 ¾“ strips for the edges of the frame.
   3. Cut (4) 6 ½ x 1 ¾ strips of the white floral paper for the inside center edges. Cut (4) 6 ½ ¼” strips of the same paper with the red small polka dot–this will adhere on top of the yellow paper and the pink ribbon will go on top of the red paper.
   4. Glue all cut pieces over the frame to cover, sand the edges to fit the frame-glue the red strips along the outer center edge, with the ribbon over it.
   5. Glue the flowers and the chipboard embellishments in clusters in the corners of the frame. Use foam squares under the 2 big flowers in the corners, insert the thread through the metal buttons and tie a bow.
   6. Once all embellishments are attached to the frame, glue the letters of “My Girl” in the right corner above the center cut out.
   7. Adhere the little girl on black cardstock and trim around her. Place photo in center of frame if desired and attach girl over photo with foam squares.


   1. Cut the paper larger than the frame, this way you can always sand to fit the frame. You don’t want to see any part of the frame.
   2. Measure and cut paper a little bigger than measurements.
   3. Apply the glue evenly and smoothly under the paper so that the paper will not show any bumps.
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