Weekend Craft: Watering Can with Flowers

by | Apr. 08, 2011


Polka dots and spring flowers just go together, especially when combined with this cute little watering can. With a little bit of paper, wire, and a few die cuts, this charming spring decoration can be sitting in your windowsill in no time.

Supplies Needed:
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   1. Choose paper color combinations. Cut each 12 x 12 paper in half.
   2. From each flower's style, cut the design with the Big Shot tool in two different papers using all flowers in the design. Example: from the blossom die, cut once in a solid and once in print.
   3. You will need approximately 14 flowers. Each flower will have at least 2 layers, some will have 3 layers. Ink edges if desired.
   4. Layout flower combinations and make sure you have enough flowers. You may need to cut more.
   5. Assemble flowers. Embellish center with rhinestone or brad. Trim from scrap green cardstock, a strip of paper ¼ x 1”. Bend cardstock around finger and flatten out the ends so that it looks like a fastener that goes around a pipe. Glue the flat edges to the back of the flower.
   6. Cut the rubber wire in different lengths for stems. Coil around finger and then stretch out with a straight part at the bottom of the stem (it needs to fit into the styrofoam).
   7. Place upper end of stem through loop on the back of the flower and twist to hold flower in place.
   8. Cut out a few leaves and score down the center of leaf. Bend the edge of the leaf enough to curl around the stem and glue in place. From the sticker sheet, remove some of the glittery leaves and place on a darker green cardstock (the same one that you cut the loops from) and trim around them leaving a tiny border. Attach the same way as above.
   9. Insert bottom of stem into styrofoam and arrange flower in place. Slightly lift the second layer of flower to give dimension. Arrange flowers.
  10. Cut grass from double sided green paper using the fringe scissors. Crumple strips of paper and then shake out loosely. Place over styrofoam base.

TIP: Use a narrow hex or allen wrench to poke hole in the styrofoam before inserting stem.
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