Weekend Craft: Winter Picture Frame

by | Jan. 08, 2011


This winter decor will add a special touch anywhere in your home or workplace. Make several of them and this simple frame can become a statement. Embellish or doodle on the paper and it can become anything you want it to be!

Supplies Needed
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   1. Trim snowflake paper and matte board to 6 x 12 inches.
   2. Apply adhesive to matte board – peel one liner side off and rub firmly to attach adhesive to board then remove other side of liner.
   3. Apply paper to matte board and rub firmly.
   4. According to the machine used, layer the cutting sandwich with the matte board/paper and cut.
   5. Before folding the scored sections, apply the adhesive tape around the frame window and outer edges, being careful to make sure edges are square and even.
   6. Pour an even amount of glitter over tape and shake off excess. Rub glitter with finger. Use glitter eraser to rub over glitter and remove any excess glitter. It's amazing how well this works.
   7. Dab the Fantastix foam pen in the ink and ink edges. After scoring and assembly, ink scored folds to hide the white edges.
   8. Tape picture into place.
   9. Assemble the frame by folding scores and insert brads into holes.
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