What Adopting a Dog Taught My Family About the Gospel

by | Jan. 27, 2015

Makes You Think

Last summer, I decided I wanted another dog.

We already had a dog: our 7-year-old rescue, Lily. For whatever reason, I felt that I needed to save another dog from the local shelter. I went to the shelter only twice before bringing home Luke, an 8-month-old bluetick coonhound mix.

At first, Luke was nervous. I’m not sure he’d ever been inside a house. The night we brought him home, he fell asleep standing up because he wasn’t sure of his surroundings. It took him weeks to stop being terrified of my husband. He never did get over his fear of men in general. Visiting men were subjected to ear shattering baying until he was able to sniff them intensely and observe our body language to see if they were “OK.”

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