What Happened When 2 Mormon Missionaries Knocked on a Catholic Rectory Door

When two LDS missionaries decided to serve with their Catholic neighbors rather than argue or Bible bash, something truly remarkable happened in their area.

Four years ago I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was serving in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission. I had recently been assigned to work in the greater Ellsworth/Mount Desert Island area in Maine. The work was slow; many people would swear at us rather than talk with us. It was hard; even some of the local Christian Churches were hostile. . . . In the midst of this, we decided we would follow the example of Christ and serve everyone.

This desire to serve led us to the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Bar Harbor Maine. I found myself and my companion knocking on the rectory door not knowing what to expect. I mean, what would they think? Two Mormon missionaries knocking on the rectory door? Our fears proved false and as we talked with Father John O’Hara, he invited us to come help with a community dinner entitled “Food For All” that happened every Thursday night.

The next Thursday we arrived at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. We entered into the side door and walked into the basement.

“Can I help you?” asked a man in the kitchen.

“We are here to help with the dinner,” I replied.

“We don’t need any help right now” was his reply.

Defeated and disappointed we started to walk towards the door when it opened and a bearded man walked in and said, “Who are you?”

I then explained that we came to help with the dinner, but they didn’t need any help.

“I am in charge here. We can use your help!” he replied.

I reached out my hand a shook his hand saying, “Elder Goff.”

And he replied, “Chris Brown, the Catholic not the rapper.”

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