What They Don't Teach You At The MTC

A few days ago it was brought to our attention that we could actually serve a mission... Right now! Re-reading that statement isn’t going to change what we just shared with you. You are reading it right, we said we could actually contact our stake presidents and ask to serve a service mission right now, and you probably could too. However, that’s not the purpose of this post. While looking up information about serving a service mission we came across a few web-sites that we found very interesting. The first one is LDS Tech, it had information about serving in the Inner-city, we don’t know why that sparked our interest (seriously, we really don’t :/) but it did. The LDS-Tech site directed us to another site at lds.org. This site gave a more detailed message about serving in the inner-city.

Disclaimer: We are just two sistas trying to get a passing grade in our Relief Society class, which by the way ain’t always easy. While we may not know how to make a big ol’ beautiful bowl/platter of green jello. There is still something we can do in helping to build the Lord’s kingdom.

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