What Will They Find?

Someone asked me recently why I blogged all of my "personal stuff" when I could just write it in a notebook or better yet in a word document. I responded that pen and paper was the technology available for our parents and grandparents. Pen to paper was what they had available for them to capture their thoughts and ideas. Later, the word document technology came along to aide us in capturing those pesky thoughts.

However today? Our technology is "the cloud". Blogging is not a new idea or phenomenon. Writing our thoughts down is as old as time. The medium is different. We use what we have available to us in order to record our thoughts, ideas and feelings. Stone tablets. Golden Plates. Papyrus. Paper. Typewriters. Computers and The Cloud.

Whether you like it or not, and no matter what type of blogger you choose to call yourself, your posterity will read these ramblings, or stories, or whatever other sophisticated word you choose to label yourself with. It matters not the label you give yourself, what matters is that your progenitors will be reading you because you have chosen to utilize the technology made available to you.

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