What You Didn't Know About the Cast of "Studio C" + Their All-Time Favorite Videos

Stacey Harkey

Did You Know?

Stacey Harkey once crocheted a blanket after accidentally signing up for a crocheting class instead of croquet.

Favorite Videos: “Aww Yeah” and “Love from Afar”

“‘Aww Yeah’ was really fun to watch. And before that one, if you’ve ever seen ‘Love from Afar’—the one where the girls are singing in the mall—that one was so fun because I didn’t see any other part of it. I just did my part and then I had to leave, so it was really fun to see it all come together.”

Jeremy Warner

Did You Know?

Unlike the majority of the "Studio C" cast, Jeremy Warner is doing what he planned to do. (He studied film at BYU.)

Favorite Video: “Facebook Philanthropist”

“It’s just really funny because there are people who think that if you ‘like’ something on Facebook that you’re actually making a difference. So remember to ’like’ this interview.”

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