What to Do If You Struggle Sustaining a Local Church Leader

What great insight from this article: "Don’t let your perceptions turn into grudges. Grudges into fights. Fights into wars. That person that bugs you so much…is your brother or sister, and a flawed human just like you."

So …what happens when a person gets called to a leadership position and it’s your opinion that this person is not fit to lead? Maybe you’ve know them personally and based on what you’ve witnessed in the past, you can’t believe that the Lord would actually want them to preside over you and others. You’ve never seen them commit any type of grievous sin or break any sort of law…but you just can’t believe that this person would be called to lead!

When this happens, it can and has become a real issue for many people. It might cause you to doubt the validity of a calling or the method through which the calling was issued. It might make you wonder why God would choose “this person” to preside over other people when you’ve witnessed what you would consider less than stellar behavior from that newly called leader. You might think to yourself, “if they knew what I knew…that person would have never been called to that position.”

So what do you do?

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