What work can a stay-at-home mom do?

When I was in college I studied the sciences. I wanted to be a doctor, but I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom too. I was conflicted about career and staying home to be a full-time mom. "Follow the Prophet" back then (1978) meant stay at home, "no success can compensate for failure in the home," rang through my head. I wanted to make the right choices.

I had a bachelors degree in biochemistry and I was in grad school at USC, at the medical campus in the worst part of LA--right by LA County Hospital. I was studying pharmacology and nutrition in a PhD program. I couldn't really see where that was taking me. I was confused and abandoned that and took a job in a hospital--the lowly surgery clerk. I should have finished the degree. I regret that now. I could have taught part-time at a college. Oh well, I got pregnant and barfed my guts out for the next nine months. And the next fourteen years.

Now don't get me wrong, it was a joy to have that baby, to nurse her and just hold her in my arms. I totally agree with "joy in your posterity" being a true principle. I will admit though, I was often bored at home all day with one baby. I still wanted to do more.

My bishop was a pretty cool guy and he advised me to do more. He even went so far as to say I could work a little. And this was in 1981-- "no failures in the home" still resonating through my mind. And I was nursing a baby and didn't want to leave her with someone else. My sister was my example and I was trying to be like her. My bishop said I didn't need to be like her and at the time, I didn't get it.

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