When Your Child Dates a Nonmember

by | Nov. 07, 2013

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Ok, sisters and brothers, I’m in a quandary and I need the advice of the communal hive mind of the interwebs.

I have two children—let’s call them Betsy and Tom—who are dating nonmembers. Betsy is 18 and a Senior in High School. Tom is 16 and is a Junior. Where we live in Texas, pickings for Mormons are slim. There are maybe a dozen kids their age who are LDS. Betsy and Tom were both hesitant to initially tell us that they liked someone, knowing that we would definitely prefer them to date a member of the Church. Several years ago we established a rule that the children were only allowed to go on two dates with someone before their friend had to have a discussion with the missionaries. Not only for the sake of missionary work, but also so that the non-member kids would have an idea of what my children believe. So far the boyfriend and girlfriend have complied.

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