by | Jul. 07, 2011

Travel Tips

Years ago a man by the name of Eric Berne wrote a book titled the When Script. The essence of the message was that life will begin “When I get my driver’s license…, When I graduate from high school…, When I graduate from College…, When I get a job…, When I get married…, When we get a home…, When the kids are on their own…, or When I retire….” I’ll take that trip that I have always wanted to take “When…and you can fill in the blank?”

Recently a dear friend confided that he had lived his whole life based on “When I retire and When the kids are grown.” He said with a deep sadness in his voice that his current state of health would not allow “When” to ever happen. It wasn’t a matter of finances or of making a choice they could not afford, it was believing in the “When Script” that robbed him of a lifelong dream to see a part of the world he had longed to see.

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