Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?

by | Mar. 28, 2014

What We Believe

If I were sitting in a small group, talking to Christ (can you even imagine?) what would you ask? I’d probably ask something like:

1. Is it worth the trouble?

2. Do I even have a shot at this exaltation thing?

3. What are the most important things for me to fix? (Listed by priority, please!)

4. How can I make sure my whole family and I (and all my other favorite people) are together in the celestial kingdom?

5. What should my life mission be?

6. What about that polygamy thing?

When the disciples had the fireside chat with Christ (to be fair, they had lots of them, so this wasn’t their one and only Q&A), one of them asked:

Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

I’ve always wondered at that.

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