Why 'The Christmas Dragon' Movie is Climbing LDS Bestseller Lists This Holiday

The Christmas Dragon

Since The Christmas Dragon hit Deseret Book shelves, it has received incredible reviews.  This movie makes for a fun family movie night with its quirky and daring twist of Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy with a good-old-fashion Christmas story.  The Christmas Dragon premiered in theaters on November fifth, and since that time it has been praised as a don't-miss, perfect Christmas movie to add to your holiday collection by many reviewers.  

So, why has The Christmas Dragon become a holiday hit with Mormon families?  Here are four reasons we at LDS Living think Mormons have been "follow[ing] the magic."

1.  It's family friendly

You never know what to expect when you rent a movie these days, regardless of the rating.  But, The Christmas Dragon is a refreshingly clean and entertaining flick good for all ages.

2.  It incorporates fantasy, without the gore

Let's face it, we Mormons can hold our own among fantasy fans and sci-fi nerds.  We love adventure and epic journies, but it's hard to find a good movie to geek out over when they are often full of violence and dark magic.  The Christmas Dragon, however, plays homage to many classic fantasy films in what one reviewer called a "family-friendly Christmas tale . . . [best] described as 'Home Alone' meets 'How to Train Your Dragon' meets “'The Hobbit.'"

3.  It's unquestionably unique

Getting tired of remakes and sequels and another movie about super heroes?  You're not the only one.  But, how often do you get to watch an adventurous holiday movie, and one that incorporates dragons no less?

4.  It has an uplifting message

With kids vanquishing evil and standing for what's right, this holiday movie encourages LDS morals in an engagin way.  Said Producer Jason Faller: 

"The Christmas Dragon has all the fun and imagination of a fantasy or sci-fi movie, but with a powerful Christmas message throughout about giving and forgiving that makes the film special and unique. I think that combination—of fun and inspiration all in one—will be what audiences love most about The Christmas Dragon."

Check out the movie trailor to find out what all of the hubub is about.

The Christmas Dragon

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