Why so many lifestyle bloggers happen to be Mormon

by | Nov. 17, 2011

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“I use baby lotion to make his faux-hawk.” Natalie’s 1-year-old, Henry, watches us patiently from his high chair. His feathery hair is spiked on top of his head in a gentle bell curve. He has two teeth. He’s wearing a Ramones shirt. He’s giggling.

It’s a gorgeous day in late summer, and Natalie and I are at an outdoor café in Manhattan eating overpriced salads. I sip on a limeade, she a Diet Coke. She’s wearing a striped shirt, a furry mocha shrug, and dark jeans. Her shoulder-length brown hair is blown out, her lips glossy, her eyelashes mascara’d. She hands the baby a dab of bread and tugs at his blue jeans.

Natalie Holbrook is a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom who runs a popular lifestyle blog called Nat the Fat Rat, a nickname her Uncle James gave her when she was a chubby baby back in Mesa, Arizona. Natalie’s blog gets around 250,000 visitors a month. She’ll post pictures of what she wore to Fashion Week after she scored a last-minute invite (a cinched, yellow-and-pink dress, flipped hair, and thick-rimmed glasses) or photos of a one-woman Mad Men dress-up party.

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