Work + Wonder general conference workbooks are available for preorder—here’s the story behind them

by | Aug. 04, 2021

The Work + Wonder workbook was born in out of Rio Grange’s desire to blend her two biggest passions: her love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and her love for graphic design.

“[General conference] is a pretty incredible weekend and I feel like every time it rolls around I’m not sure where to go and [how to] capture it all,” she remembers thinking.

Grange had the idea for a general conference workbook which she imagined would be different than anything she had seen previously. She wanted it to be fresh each and every conference, so she decided she would work with featured artists to create a different design each April and October.

For example, the featured artist for this October’s workbook is Melissa Tshikamba, while the children’s workbook features the art of Vania Sacramento. A youth workbook, designed by Grange’s team, will also be available for the first time this conference.

What Grange didn’t imagine or anticipate is that Work + Wonder would become a community where people could join together to study general conference throughout the year by sharing their insights and thoughts. In that community, which she began in 2018, she has found a group of people who share an appreciation for beauty and aesthetic, as well as a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. But perhaps even more importantly, she has found belonging in the community she created.

“Almost selfishly [I feel] like I don’t have to walk this path alone,” Grange says. “Suddenly it feels like I’m walking with thousands of [people] as we navigate this complex and trying life, and sharing bits of my story and moments of joy throughout . . . finding community and companionship in so many hard moments has been really special.”

The October 2021 general conference workbook collection is available for preorder today, and when you preorder four or more, you can save 15 percent on your purchase. You can find all of the workbooks here.

Image titleThis workbook was designed to guide you in preparing your hearts and homes for the timely messages of general conferences and engage in the words of our leaders. Through prompted note pages for each address you are invited to actively listen as you record personal revelation and meaningful impressions in a beautifully designed space that will encourage you to revisit your notes often. After the conclusion of conference weekend, it will guide you to reflect on overall themes, recurring promptings, and set goals to act! This workbook will become an essential tool and blessing to you as you capture the inspiration of general conference and welcome the teachings into your daily life!

Photos by Anna Killian
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